Day Two – Post Op

This is Chesney’s mom, sitting bedside in the recovery room. The first night was rough, pain wise, but all her physical vital signs are good. Her spiritual signs are good, too. When you are in great pain and drugged, there is no filter; what you are inside wells out. What I hear coming out, over and over, is compassion and kindness – for the man in the next bed, the nurses on their feet all night, the emergency ha
ppening across the room, her tired dad driving back and forth.
It just struck me how Christlike this is. When he was in great pain on the cross, his words were of comfort and compassion for those around him. I know what I’m seeing here is a result of the Holy Spirit in her, which is tangible evidence that he is working healing in her physical body, too. Day Two is beginning well.

One thought on “Day Two – Post Op

  1. Praying often for all of you. I’m blessed to be able to lift up the needs of such wonderful people. Please keep us informed about specific needs as they arise.


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