Day 3: Blanket!

Brooke finished my blanket. It turned out better than I could have ever asked. Last night, Jim brought it up to the hospital and we face-timed Brooke. 12443792_10153864882188522_1483518093_oThat surprise was really great and I was so excited. It’s funny how the little things in life make such a big difference.

So far – day three hasn’t been all that bad, believe it or not. I woke up pretty much on the hour every hour to give myself a pump of morphine. Then this morning we had a little bit of a scare. My blood pressure was 80/40 and I had a temp of 101.3. I’m feeling much better though because I did some breathing exercises that my nurse told me to do.

Hopefully I’ll be able to walk around today! My doctor said that today is going to be a big day. I’m ready to walk… I’ve hated laying in bed all day but I know it was necessary up until this point. I’ll keep you all posted!

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Blanket!

  1. My grand daughter, Heather Dragg asked me to pray for you and gave me the link to your blog. Just want you to know that the group that was here for Bible study all prayed for you Thursday nite and I pray for you daily….Our God is your Healer and I simply ask, Lord, heal this precious child of yours who believes You and trusts You to be all You say you are ….In the Name of Jesus…Amen !


    • Chesney I have known Marolyn for many years. She is a precious woman of God and you have the strongest and deepest prayer warrior praying for you!


  2. The blanket looks beautiful and I hope its comfy feel will remind you of all the love and prayers surrounding you. Continuing to lift you before Him as you face these challenges in His strength.


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