The itch is real

Today started out pretty rough. my stomach hurt, I was nauseous, my head hurt, and I was getting hangry. My night nurse, Susan (bless her soul), is awesome though and has done everything in her power to make me comfortable. I went to sleep for a couple of hours and woke up again at 6, decided that was still too early and slept in until around 8.

Last night and today I have been incredibly itchy. My best guess is that the morphine is causing me to itch. I told my nurse and she helped give me a sponge bath and that helped a lot. After my bath, I took a long walk. They say the faster you can move around, the faster your recovery will be so last night and this morning I walked for about 20 minutes and then this afternoon my dad and I walked about a half-mile.

This chicken broth was AMAZING

From what I can tell – it really is true. The more you help yourself, the faster you’ll heal. So – for those of you who have to have a total gastrectomy in the future, start running, walking, jogging, get on the elliptical because I have no doubt that since I have a pretty strong heart, it’s helping me feel better and want to be better. Some more advice: take advantage of the fact that you can drink water. That goes for everyone. I had about 3oz of apple juice and I was filled up. Water is gross now, which is sad.

Right after my late walk! Resting for a minute

Love to all! Thanks for reading and keeping up!


4 thoughts on “The itch is real

  1. Itching can be from anesthesia even 72 hours out. Ranitidine is great and not sedating, so ask your nurse for that.

    Kudos for getting up and moving.


  2. We have been praying for you at my salon Cheney you are an amazing woman! How beautiful and graceful are you! Hope you can keep up all the good work you look like a super model after surgery! Much love and prayers sent your way 😘😍


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