Stumbling and Standing


This is Melana, updating for Chesney as she rests in yet another hospital bed.

The events of yesterday surprised us. Chesney had been increasingly tired for two days, and we’d even commented about the common TG trait of Vitamin B deficiencies, wondering if the fatigue was due to that. But about 10:00 a.m. I heard her moan from her bedroom, and walked in to find her almost comatose across her bed. She couldn’t focus, and couldn’t form words clearly.

On the first try I reached our surgeon’s nurse on her direct line, and we talked through several possibilities. We agreed to stay in communication and see what developed over an hour or so. D.L., wonderful brother-in-law that he is, came out immediately and helped with logistics, another set of eyes, and his trademark optimistic common sense. We Face Timed with Steve, to get his read on her condition. She was able to form some short words, and we could tell that she was indeed able to think and respond, though incredibly weak.

Our normally happy, perky Chesney was almost acting like someone approaching a diabetic coma (though her blood sugar was fine) – rouse-able, but her eyes struggled to focus, rolling back in her head, and her speech almost unintelligible. As noon drew near, with no significant change, our nurse told us to go ahead and call an ambulance and get to the hospital where blood work and diagnostic tests could give us a better understanding of the problem.

Now, 24 hours later, we know what it is NOT. She has not had a stroke, her blood chemistry is good, there is no internal bleeding. She has some fluid under her lungs, but that doesn’t account for these symptoms. After 24 hours on IV fluids, she is more alert, her eyes focus, and she can talk well, but the overwhelming fatigue/exhaustion continues.   We are beginning to think this may part of the “normal” adjustment to balancing nutrition and hydration with some oral food/water with tube feeding. Another factor is the emotional energy it takes to grapple with a cancer diagnosis, lose your stomach with the associated physical trauma, and grieve with siblings’ approaching surgeries all within a month’s span. Her body is also using a lot of available energy to heal, and only gives her a small allotment for everything else.

For today, there isn’t a bottom line yet. We are still dependent on grace for each baby step. God will heal and meet all her needs, whatever their source. He still causes our bad things to turn out for our good, assures me that our good things will never be taken from us, and that the best things are yet to be.

  • from the #cancerwarriorprincess’ mom, #choosingjoy, trusting #throughitall

3 thoughts on “Stumbling and Standing

  1. The Lord is with you all. He is your safety, He is your deliverer. Praying daily for healing, strength, and victory. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It keeps all of us on our knees for you all.


  2. So sorry for your new situation. Hope it is resolved quickly and you are better. I’m keeping you in my prayers, moment to moment through the day as well as regular prayer time. Love to your Mom and Dad. Bet Amis


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